FSB Global Shadow Banking Monitoring Report 2015

On November 12, 2015, Financial Stability Board (FSB) released the Global Shadow Banking Monitoring Report for 2015:

The shadow banking system can broadly be described as credit intermediation involving entities and activities outside of the regular banking system. Intermediating credit through non-bank channels can have important advantages and contributes to the financing of the real economy, but such channels can also become a source of systemic risk, especially when they are structured to perform bank-like functions (e.g. maturity and liquidity transformation, and leverage) and when their interconnectedness with the regular banking system is strong. Appropriate monitoring of shadow banking and the application of appropriate policy responses, where necessary, helps to mitigate the build-up of such systemic risks.

This report presents the results of the fifth annual monitoring exercise using data as of end-2014 for 26 jurisdictions, including Ireland for the first time, and the euro area as a whole, which together account for about 80% of global GDP and 90% of global financial system assets.


Global Shadow Banking Monitoring Report 2015

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