Philosophy and Principles

Growth in Long Term

Our primary goal is to achieve satisfactory return on our capital in a long run. This requires us to have a deep knowledge on the business we invest, explore opportunities from market inefficiency, assess the risks in a right way, avoid permanent capital loss and be disciplined and think independently.

Build Partnership

We want to be a business partner, not merely a capital supplier. We lever our network, resources and expertise to help businesses success.

Integrity and Trust

Reputation is our most valuable asset. It takes decades to build trust but only one day to ruin it. We put integrity and trust in the first place when we do business. We believe this is the way and the only way we can keep doing business in a long time.

Social Impact

We cannot succeed without the support from the community. We treat social issues not as problems but as opportunities. We do business and invest ethically and are devoted to make contribution back to the community.