What We Do

Hanerest is an investment, research and innovation platform focusing on trends and opportunities in global macro, businesses and strategies. We levered on our resources, infrastructure and people to turn great ideas into actions and create value with continuous innovation.

Things we do

We innovate and invest our capital in a wide range of areas, focusing on macro, businesses and investment strategies.

We believe there is no “magic formula” that can beat the market consistently. Therefore, we devote a lot of time and resources into constantly learning more about the changing markets and businesses dynamics and how to turn these insights into value-adding actions and strategies.

We invest in strategies and business opportunities to grow our capital with a long-term horizon. We combine both fundamental and quantitative approach and our portfolio includes diversified investments ranging from equities to real estate, from developed market to emerging markets and from technology to financial industry.

We are a technology-driven platform.

Technology is central to everything we do: from the management of the network to performing research and analysis on financial markets. We build strong infrastructure shared by our people to facilitate research.

We support a network of talents.

We understand the value of connections among researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, professionals and more. We encourage sharing, communicating and cooperation inside and outside the the network.

We share insights and ideas.

We operate the Hanerest.com website and publish insights, opinions and research on macro, business and strategies, from a wide range of industry and academic sources. We encourage a sharing and collaborative atmosphere and believe the power of standing on the shoulders of giants.

We partner with businesses and provide resources to help them growth.

We actively seek and engage in new opportunities. We want to be not only a capital provider but also a long-term business partner. We believe our capital and resources, including our talents, knowledge and network, can help businesses achieve their goals.

Areas we focus

Global Macro
We monitor and analyze the dynamics of global economies and asset classes, and are ready to take actions when attractive opportunities are present.

We are looking to invest in great businesses that create value in the long-run.

Systematic Strategies
We turn insights, research, data and quantitative analysis into actionable investment strategies and portfolio.